Chutoro's Mission During COVID-19

We feel sorry for all that is happening. Restaurants are losing business; people are trapped at home; supermarkets are running out of stocks all the time; drivers lose income because people are no longer traveling. We see all that. And we are deeply sorry.

All these heartfelt feelings have been the core motivation for Chutoro's founding. We believe there is something not right about the current delivery platforms available. Food is essential to survival. It should be readily available to consumers at a cheap price every day. Food delivery should not cost a fortune. Restaurants and delivery drivers are heroes who should be properly rewarded.


With this belief, the Chutoro model was born.

Even though the CDC, USDA, and FDA have declared that the transmission of COVID-19 has not been linked to food or food packaging, we at Chutoro are not taking the risk with food safety. We hold food hygiene with the highest regards and we will ensure that all partnering restaurants are working with masks and gloves on all the time. Food will be delivered contact-free and masks and gloves will be donned by delivery personnel at all times as well. 

We hope that with Chutoro, our restaurants can tide through this difficult time. We hope that people staying at home can still get restaurant food without burning pockets. We hope our drivers can continue to earn a decent income.


All in all, we hope that with Chutoro, our community can be "closer" than 6 feet.

Your Chef in Chief,


Jay Qin

Founder and CEO


©2020 by Chutoro.