Chutoro's Mission During COVID-19

At Chutoro, our mission is to connect our customers to the food they love. We recognize the impact the current crisis has had across the food service industry. Restaurants are shut down or working at limited capacity, supply chains are cut, and millions of people are facing an uncertain future. 

Chutoro was founded on the idea of a food delivery model with restaurants and delivery drivers at the forefront. We see our food service providers and delivery personnel as heroes, and we are doing everything in our power to ensure they stay in business. 

While the CDC advises that the transmission risk of COVID-19 from food or food packaging is low, we at Chutoro have taken steps to maintain the highest standards in food safety. We work closely with our restaurant partners and delivery personnel to ensure that gloves and masks are worn, and that deliveries are made contact-free. 

We are doing our bit to help restaurants through this difficult time. We hope to provide those staying at home with an economical, reliable and convenient option for food, while providing our restaurant partners and delivery personnel with a steady source of income. 

I personally invite you to join our community at Chutoro. Together we can make social distancing a little less distant through our shared love of food. 

Your Chef in Chief,


Jay Qin

Founder and CEO