The Story Behind the Chutoro Logo

The concept of Chutoro is heavily influenced by a Japanese style of fine-dining, called Omakase (お任せ). The word Omakase comes from the Japanese phrase "to entrust", or simply "I leave it up to you". While it sounds like an easy-going process, the preparations made behind the scenes are far from simple. For example, chefs would "massage" a piece of squid for 30 minutes before the meat is fully tenderized for a nigiri. And a junior chef would spend 5 years mastering how to cook Tamago (egg rolls) before being promoted to a sushi chef.

Our logo, designed by our founder Jay Qin himself, wishes to encapsulate this idea. While the logo is a simple silhouette of a tuna, it is formed by carefully arranging Fibonacci circles to yield a friendly icon with a perfectly symmetric golden-ratio. On the other hand, celebrating the philosophy of another cuisine is our attempt at showing that food connects people from all cultures and backgrounds.

The subscription model of Chutoro is an audacious breakthrough of trust between chefs, delivery personnel, and food lovers. The commitment to a 7-day menu made by a single restaurant requires the same amount of trust in the chef as in a 7-course Omakase. Users trust their chefs in making each day's meal something to remember and look forward to.

As such, we only partner with restaurants and chefs who would put their heart and soul into your food, and we hope that our users will one day be able to confidently say: "I leave it up to you".