COVID-19 changed everything.

But worry not because Chutoro is designed to help you tide past this terrible pandemic. We help you get steady sales and make money through delivery.

How does it work?

Weekly Menu

Chutoro collaborates with your restaurants to design a weekly menu for subscription.

Subscription Orders

We market the weekly menu to consumers such that when they subscribe, you're guaranteed orders for the week.

Fixed time

Once consumers subscribe, our drivers will pick up the food served on each day at the same time.

What We Do




How You Benefit

Steady Sales Volume

Work with us in launching weekly subscription menus where consumers can subscribe to at a fixed price. This way, you always have food going out.

Higher Margin

Because delivery is much easier when done in bulk, we charge only a fraction of existing food delivery services. 

Free Marketing

We will conduct a professional photoshoot and full-scale social media marketing campaign on your behalf. No charge.

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